OCTC deserves chance to build tech center

By Staff, Messenger-Inquirer

We hope we’re wrong, but it sure seems like efforts to fund the Advanced Technology Center at Owensboro Community & Technical College could be derailed — once again — by partisan politics.

State Sen. Joe Bowen laid the groundwork for this possibility recently when he suggested that some legislators see the plan to raise money for the building through an $8-per-credit-hour fee as a “tax increase” on students. Bowen is supportive of the project, but if he’s tossing that idea out in public, he’s certainly heard it more than once behind closed doors with Senate colleagues.

And sure enough, when it came time for the House to vote on its proposed budget Thursday, the “tax increase” on students was a popular talking point. “We continue to cut, but yet we’ve got all of these projects and buildings,” said Rep. Jeff Hoover, the Republican Floor Leader in the House.

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